Sunday, July 15, 2007

New website!

Have a look at my new, improved website at You can now purchase original pieces of calligraphy by credit card or direct cash payment via PayPal! Keep watching this site – I intend to keep refining it...


Lorraine Douglas said...

A beautiful new website Alice! Congratulations!

Beth Lee said...

Alice, it's perfectly awesome. What a beautiful showcase for your work.

Unknown said...

The site is beautiful!
It really showcases your contemporary calligraphy.

Thanks for your comment on my blog header. I have not posted since my son's wedding because I also have been redesigning my web site and blog.
I should have it up soon.
Do you have any tips on paypal?
If you get a chance email me and let me know. kellyink (at)mac(dot)com
Thanks, Alice

Anonymous said...

Such a good work Alice !
I truly admire your creations.

See you soon,