Monday, May 14, 2007

Brody Demonstrates

Top: Brody Neuenschwander demonstrates for our class at Cheerio. Brody was very generous in sharing his techniques, knowledge and creative process with our class of twenty. Bottom: I loved this demo piece – it seemed typical of the simplicity, understated colour and energetic line that is characteristic of much of his work. At the end of the demo, I asked if I could purchase the work... so now I am the happy owner of a small (14" x 14") Brody Neuenschwander original which we watched him create!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this, and for the pictures.
I really long to read and see more !

Beth Lee said...

Oh, I'm so jealous! I had been wanting for Brody to teach a collage class here for years, and it turned out I couldn't go this past week -- it conflicted with the first day of school. Show us more!

Unknown said...

Wish i could have been there. Love that bottom piece. Lucky you! Looking forward to seeing more.

Alice Young said...

Thanks, everyone. Wish you could all have been there. What a privilege to learn from these two! I'll post a full set of photos as soon as I find the time!

Victoria Pittman said...

Yes...wonderful Brody piece

Was the background a texture created with gesso or some sort of found texture?
Great earthy look.

Alice Young said...

Brody 'only trusts what he can buy at a hardware store' so the background is his own recipe of 'whitewash' and layers of rice paper... he has developed quite a process and that is what our class was all about.