Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Live from Baghdad

Wow! I’ve just discovered the work of Malik Anas. I’m amazed and impressed with the work he is doing … in Baghdad. The most original, beautiful contemporary Arabic calligraphy I’ve seen… being done in the midst of the frustrations and trials of a city under seige... truly inspiring.


Victoria Pittman said...

where do you find these great links!

I agree..wonderful artwork. There is a lot of other links within the site to get lost!

Thanks again Alice

Alice Young said...

Thanks, Victoria. I've spent a few days exploring the online Scriptorium that Malik belongs to... lots of talent there!

NutraSweet said...

I have to agree with you Malik Anas is so Talented, his work is a great contribution to arabic calligraphy... adding to it his warm touches and sense of style


Lorraine Douglas said...

Dear Alice, thank you for letting know about Malik's is a beautiful tribute the power of calligraphy! Lorraine