Tuesday, March 06, 2007

José Parlá

Russ Willms sent me a link to a video clip of the Brooklyn-based artist, José Parlá. He was right in thinking I’d be interested, and I expect other calligraphers will be as well. José is blurring the lines between fine art, graffiti and calligraphy – something others have done before (Thomas Ingmire comes to mind), but the uniqueness of his writing and approach ensures that he ultimately has his own personal style.


Victoria Pittman said...


Thanks for sharing this link.

Malika said...

Hi Alice,

You can now see a gallery of my works on my french blog.
The english one will be made soon.
You know, your work is really interesting !

Enjoy anyway,


PS : thanks so much for putting me on your "calligraphy blog" list !

Anonymous said...

This is one of the best blogs on calligraphy I've seen yet! Keep up the great work. And I'll be watching. :)

Anonymous said...

Thomas Ingmire (who is this guy anyways?) doesn't come close and neither does Cy Twombly.

Jose Parla's work is striking and very original. His personal new style is unlike any other contemporary painter and/or artist.

Surfing the net I found a blog with pictres and new info on a his recent Hong Kong group exhibition: The New Grand Tour. His watercolor based pieces are technically advanced calligraphic artworks. Have you seen them? I own a couple.

Go to: http://www.elsewherecommunities.blogspot.com

London Anonymous

Alice Young said...

You are right, London Anonymous, this new work of his is absolutely outstanding! He's one to watch for sure!