Wednesday, June 24, 2015

New! Online Introductory Calligraphy Classes!

I'm super excited to announce that I've just created my first online calligraphy class! It can be accessed here:

The class is a hands-on introduction to the fun and versatile Pilot Parallel pen. Using basic calligraphy strokes, students will work through exercises which demonstrate pen angle and develop rhythm while creating a series of marks they can work with when designing their own tattoo. Learners will be encouraged to create an original design, and given four approaches to use in designing their tattoo.

Although designed for beginning calligraphers, this class teaches skills which can enhance the work of illustrators, designers, typographers, tattoo artists, watercolour artists and anyone else who isn’t afraid of a little water-based ink on their fingers! Exercises and guidelines help break the process down and guide students along. No previous experience required, and body inking is entirely optional. 

NOTE: This class is the first in a trilogy!

My plan is to teach pen skills and working with with coloured inks in two fun skillshare classes, as a prelude to lettering. The idea is to get you super comfortable with the pen and acquiring skills with both pen and ink – before turning attention to the more serious work of letterforms. 


Susan said...

I'm interested in your parallel pen courses - I'd love to get more out of those pens I don't use often. Does your class include any pdf's?

Alice Young said...

Hi Susan! Yes, the course includes some great practice sheets! Would love to see you in class!

Marlene Lee said...

I'm taking your beginning class now at Are you planning to do more classes there instead of Skillshare? I prefer to pay by paypal through Udemy. Skillshare only does credit cards.

Your course has reawaken my love the calligraphy. I love the preprinted sheets - the darks and especially the lights ones. And your instructions are very clear. I'm looking forward to doing more of your classes.

Alice Young said...

Thanks, Marlene Lee! I'm so glad you're enjoying the classes. YES, I plan to put more classes on Udemy. The only reason I haven't put the current series (2 more classes) up is because Udemy requires an Introductory talking head video. I plan to do those for my other classes and put them up within a month or two! Thanks for your request, will get me focussed on making those videos! Best, Alice

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice, I checked your class and was interested... but no where could I find the cost. After searching for 1/2hr, I gave up.

Alice Young said... - I understand! Apologies, skillshare is a subscription service, so after a free trial period, the cost is (as of this writing) $12/month, or $96/year.

I am planning to put the classes on my own website, and I currently have the first class on Udemy. I plan to have the other classes up in a month or two.

Here's a link that will give you a 10% discount on my Udemy Class:

I appreciate your comment, and your concern about pricing not being easy to find!

Best, Alice

Anonymous said...

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