Monday, November 18, 2013

Introducing The Other Alice

I’m excited to be launching a line of cards, designed under the name, “The Other Alice”. Website will be ready soon, etsy store is up! Hope you visit and enjoy!


serepre said...

Hi Alice!

thanks for your beautiful and useful Blog!
my good purpose for the upcoming year, in addition to change country and job, is to start to get into calligraphy : )

Some of your old posts helped me to choose Pilot pens to be my first tool (looking forward to have them in my hands!!!) and I also just ordered Brause, Introduction to Calligraphy Lettering : )

I have one request. in the post Calligraphy practice Sheets - Pilot Parallel Pens (13.11.2007) you posted as a download a pdf with the guides. Unluckily the file seems to be now not available.
Would you be so kind to send it to me?

Thanks a lot


Alice Young said...

Serena, thank you for letting me know that link no longer works! I believe I have just corrected it, and you can download a .zip file of the guides here:

serepre said...

great!!!! looking forward to play with it : ) : ) !!!!

thanks a lot,


Unknown said...

Hi, I would love to invite you to check out WINKpens kickstarter, live now :

We need help in spreading the word and believe this would be of great interest to you and your followers!

WINKpens is reusable, sustainable, and long-lasting. Helps mitigate “throwaway” culture and there's also the added benefit of having inexpensive ink available virtually anywhere! We're excited to see the new creative avenues that will come with this product.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or thoughts! Thanks

Alice Young said...

Thanks, Jessica! Love your design for the WINK pen. I've posted to Facebook and will share with other pen lovers!