Sunday, May 12, 2013

New Brush!

I just bought a new brush – the Liquitex Freestyle – a full six inches wide and looking like it just might be able to create a calligraphic stroke! I am excited to try it...

I also stumbled across a facebook post telling me this is the same brush Loredana Zega is using for her stunning work on walls. Obviously, the brush can do it... now, what can I create with this?!


Quietfire said...

lol, I'll just stand back while you swash!! Have fun!

Ana Vidmar said...

I bought the same one after I saw Loredana's work. A lady in an art-suplies shop told me she uses these brushes. I just couldn't resist.

Loredana Zega said...

Loredana Zega:)not "Vega"

Alice Young said...

Corrected, Loredana, thanks!

Unknown said...

Hi Alice,

This was a great post. I have actually tried out this brush (1" and 2" versions) and with the exception of the long handle that I had to cut off and the fact that it does not have a round handle it worked great.

I used it for this project:

Thanks for your tip about the pilot parallel calligraphy pens, they work great.


P.S. if you are ever teaching in the Toronto area let me know.