Monday, September 06, 2010

101 ways to create ‘magic’

A cheerful movie by Louis Lemoine, known to many of us as “The Magic Man.” Louis writes, “This movie shows the word ‘magic’ calligraphed 101 different ways using either a brush, pen, marker or pencil. I did one a day, taking weekends, holidays and vacation time off. Hope you enjoy it. If you get a chance visit my website: or my blog:”


Felicity said...

How lovely.
I'm off to explore and try out a variation on this theme.
x Felicity

nikheel said...

Simply Magical!
Thanks for sharing.

Werner Grundlingh said...

Great! I always find it interesting (and inspiring) to see that ordinary things can be presented in a new/unique way. And here it's done in 101 ways!

Here's another example of that:
Solving a well-known mathematical problem (...the travelling salesman problem/TSP), and using it as art!

Keith Bolton said...

A very inspiring demonstration. So much variety.

Unique Gift Ideas said...

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Hope you will enjoy it

louis l. lemoine said...

alice...was checking out your blog and saw you shared my '101 ways to create magic'. how cool. thank you so much. sorry i am so late. louis