Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Morning Dervish

On a good morning — those mornings when I don’t stumble directly to the kitchen for coffee — I start the day with the five Tibetan Rites. The first rite is whirling, like a dervish. And so Morning Dervish came to be.

This dervish has now whirled south to be a part of an exhibition at the Naples Museum of Art, entitled The Saint John’s Bible and the Art of the Book. Needless to say, it is honored to participate!


Brina L Schenk said...

I wanna do the five tibetan rites! Little did I know I used to do a few of them daily when I lived in Vancouver. HUN.

Your work is really stunning, Alice. I can see your art changing over time. It's lovely.

MB said...
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nikheel said...


Sue Simpson said...

WOW! I waas just saying last weekend that I'll have to get back into my Yoga....21 rounds! I was exhausted just watching....and in baking hot sun! Phew!
I remember how warming Yoga is, I managed the Surya Na Maska (Can't even spell it these days) Salute To The Sun... well I managed 3 round before collapsing in a heap....Oh I so need to practice!

Your work is wonderful and truly captures the essence and spirit of The 5 Tibetan Rites.
Now Hmmmm decisions, decissions.

Sue xxx

louis l. lemoine said...

alice...what a truly awesome piece. you have created 'magic'.

Mark said...

LOL, Sue, I know exactly what you mean! Go the yoga I say, the body will thank you for it later!

Alice, this piece is truly amazing, as Louis says, it's magical and inspiring at the same time. Thank you!

On another note, is anyone else slightly angry about U2 headlining Glastonbury this year? Anyone but U2 I say!

Anyway, Alice, thanks again - let us know when you post some more up!

Anonymous said...

This image brings me so much joy!