Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cleaning your Pilot Parallel Pen

I recently had a question from Anonymous on cleaning pens, so I’m linking to a recipe for Pen & Brush cleaner which I found on Mary Lawler’s blog. I normally clean my nibs by soaking them in solution of glass cleaner (which contains ammonia) and water. This looks like a stronger version of that, which I’ll try if I have a major pen problem. Another option is Spray Nine, which works really well when a strong pen cleaner is needed.

Also, Anonymous, take your Pilot Parallel pen apart as far as possible... that means right down to pulling out the two metal plates which form the nib. Soak the parts, then rinse and reassemble. Should work.

Another reader also suggested using a ultrasonic cleaner, which I haven't yet tried, but which sounds great.


Anonymous said...

After removing the two metal plates that form the nib, I gently separate them while holding under running water. The plastic is fairly groddy from use and I doubt that will ever get clean again.

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