Friday, November 16, 2007

Georgia Angelopoulos

It’s my pleasure to point you to the brand-new website of Georgia Angelopoulos, an incredibly gifted member of our Fairbank Calligraphy Society. Georgia is a calligraphic scholar and purist (unlike myself :). She was taught by Micheal Hemming, making her a part of the Johnstonian tradition, and she loves to work with historical materials - vellum, parchment, gold leaf, etc. Her work is classical and tactile... it begs to be seen ‘in the flesh’ to be fully appreciated. She is also a gifted teacher and writer. Okay, enough of my raving... go enjoy her site!


Victoria Pittman said...

Thanks for the link to Georgia's site, Alice. I spent some time there looking at her exquisite work.

She is as lovely a person as is her art.

I was pleased to see that she is on faculty for next summer in Chicago!

Lorraine Douglas said...

Yes, Georgia is a wonderful calligrapher, great teacher and as lovely as her art....she does beautiful fine work and I am looking forward to seeing what she will be doing in Chicago!

Yves leterme said...

I'd like to join the choir in singing the praise of Georgia.
She writes like she is: tasteful and intelligent. Watch her !