Monday, October 15, 2007

Ikuko Asami

A mutual fan of both Martin Jackson and Denis Brown is Ikuko Asami, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at Island Magic. A visit to Ikuko’s blog recently showed me that she’s been busy working with the layering and polyrhythmic exercises that Denis is teaching. I can't read her blog (naturally, it’s written in Japanese), but I can see what she’s been up to, read an English word here and there, and laugh as I try to add comments using Japanese buttons! Love this calligraphic lamp that Ikuko created. It is very interesting to me that western calligraphy is so popular in Japan, as being demonstrated by an exhibition, “East Writes West” is being held this fall in Bruges, Belgium.


Lorraine Douglas said...

This is beautiful Alice..thanks for always letting us know about other people's works in distant places...which are so near to us because of calligraphy....

Alice Young said...

Here's is Ikuko's tips so I can leave comments on her blog:
コメント←is comment

名前←is name

メール←is mail address

送信する←is send

Encre said...