Monday, October 08, 2007

Design and Layout with Martin Jackson

This was my first time in the class of the Vancouver-based calligrapher, Martin Jackson, and it was an enjoyable and inspiring weekend. Martin’s work is a reminder of the power of simplicity. He is a gentle, encouraging and humorous teacher, and I think all participants gained valuable insights... the final work done by the class was very impressive. But what I really liked was this photo of Martin’s shoes. (He obligingly showed off his colourful socks, as well.) Seems to say something about the personality behind the beautiful letterforms!

We all know Martin collects butterflies, (and often includes exquisitely painted butterflies in his work), but who knew he collected colourful socks as well!?


Unknown said...

He is one of the nicest teachers I have had. Heather brought him to Pittsburgh about two years ago. He was good friends with Ginny and her husband.

Beth Lee said...

I've always wanted to take a class with him, but the opportunity has never arisen. And now that I've the seen the socks, I'm even more interested :)

An art teacher at my children's elementary school always wore mismatching sneakers and socks even though the rest of his clothes were fairly conservative. He was a favorite of my children's teachers.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Alice.
Martin is so fuuny! Do you know he is collecting many loud and colorful socks and strings?
Please check my old articles, I'm sure you will laught at him so much.
Oh, He also dyed this shoes and strings.