Sunday, September 23, 2007

Martin Jackson

I’m looking forward to an upcoming workshop with Martin Jackson. I just met Martin at Island Magic, where I purchased this original work from him. As you can see if you visit his site, his work is sold out right now, so I was lucky to get this. (Nearly lost it to Georgia Angelopoulos!) Martin does beautiful, classic calligraphy.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your acquisiton. You were away for so long time!

Alice Young said...

Yes, sorry, I've neglected my blog! Too much time on Facebook! Are you on it, Quelle? There is several calligraphy groups... quite interesting.

Lorraine Douglas said...

Looking forward to seeing you too tomorrow Alice! Lucky you to own this beautiful piece!

Victoria Pittman said...

Yes...beautiful piece by Martin. I met him for first time at Conference too.

What's this about facebook...Do you have a site there??
I'm clueless.


Alice Young said...

Hi Vicki,

Yes, facebook (sometimes called crackbook because it is so addictive) is loads of fun and a great way to connect with many people. I'll send you an invite, so you can view my profile... and join if you're interested... did I warn you it's addictive? :)