Monday, August 06, 2007

Denis Brown - Demo Close-up

A closer look at the process demonstrated by Denis, top photo, below.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the illustration. However, the drafting film makes the lettering rather pale. I think you have to use rather bright colours to make a pleasant effect. Actually drafting film makes a gray background and even the underlaying lettering will fade, simultaneously acquiring a grey shade.

Alice Young said...
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Alice Young said...

Personally, I love the muted greys that this process produces. But you are right, Quelle, the drafting film gives everything a grey cast ... we also discussed how to get get the full tonal range in a piece of work, which would be a challenge if you were creating a finished piece with this technique.

This was a classroom exercise - in Denis' ‘real’ work, he uses layers of glass... so the layers are fully transparent, and colours brilliant. The purpose of the exercise was to demonstrate how to build up texture through layering.