Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Congratulations, Malik!

Congratulations to my friend, Malik Anas Al-Rajab, in Baghdad, whose work has been accepted for the Letter Arts Review 2007 Annual!

I wrote about Malik in my March 14th post. At the time, I was preparing my submission to Letter Arts Review Annual, so I asked Malik if I could help him enter his work, as well. We needed a large, high-res file for submission and since sending a CD from Iraq was pretty much out of the question, the only option was several files his uncle had on CD outside of Iraq. So, we scrambled to get them and I submitted his work along with my own. His work was accepted this issue; mine wasn’t – LOL! (It’s okay, I’m in the last two LAR Annuals and an upcoming issue! :)

I’m thrilled that Malik’s work has been recognized. Here’s hoping that by the time Review 2007 is published, the postal service is running again in Baghdad and he can see his work in print. Here’s to peace in Iraq; here’s to a young man with the presence of mind to concentrate on calligraphy in a war zone! Well done, Malik!


Unknown said...

Alice I just now took a look at Malik's work and it is wonderful.

How exciting that he got in LAR annual. Sorry to hear you didn't make it this year.

One of these days I'll do something I think might have a chance and get brave enough to enter.

Looking forward to seeig his work and yours in future LAR's

Victoria Pittman said...

Yes. How exciting to see such vibrant work!
Some of the links on that deviant art site were also very interesting. Thanks for posting the news.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Alice,
Everyday now when I think about our LAR adventure! and how you managed to surmount all the boundaries to make this experience such a delightful and pleasant one for me with all the abnormality and pressure we are facing every day. I believe you have as much credit in this winning as myself.

I truly feel that your friendship is my biggest gain from this adventure.

Moreover, being featured twice in your blog is yet another reason for me to be proud and thankful, your writing skills is as artistic and refreshing as your calligraphy!

Lorraine Douglas said...

Congratulations to Malik on having his work in Letter Arts Review! That is wonderful and his work is graceful and so elegant!

vkacademy said...

Thank YOU for helping bring Malik's amazing work to a larger audience! He's a wonderful person and an amazing calligrapher. :D