Saturday, May 26, 2007

More Brody...

This is for Emma - more photos, as requested!

Top two photos: Brody Neuenschwander demonstrates with a Japanese comb.

Middle: I love this shot, because, as calligraphers, we often become obsessed with ‘what tool’ made ‘what mark’... and here is Brody adding textured script to his background with what happened to be in his hand at that moment... the handle of the brush he had applied the layer of whitewash with! His process is very hands-on and spontaneous. (The piece he is working on is the piece featured in my May 14th post.)

Bottom: Brody demonstrates monoprint techniques.

Brody’s most recent book, “Textasy”, is available through John Neal Booksellers, and contains many works created using the techniques he shared with us.


Unknown said...

Oh Alice how interesting. thanks for showing more photos.
I'll have to look into Brody's book.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the new pictures ! And for sharing this.
I didn't think this class involved so many different techniques. That is very interesting.
I've never been to Cheerio (yet !), so it's great to see a bit of the place, too.


Malika said...

Oh yeah ! I can easily see how great it was studying with Mr Brody !!

Hey Alice, some "new" works on my English & French blogs. Hope you'll like them ?...

Bye !