Friday, February 09, 2007

My biggest fan hates my work!

Okay, so this is a bit off-topic, but how long can you blog without showing photos of your dog?

In February 2004, I took a week off work to find a dog – and what a dog I found! Chet was at the local SPCA, where his owners knew he was impounded and chose not to claim him. It was my lucky day.

But he really hates my work – and gives a sigh of disgust when I turn to computer or pick up a pen. After all, we could be romping outdoors, playing with his stuffed rabbit or walking the trails. I like to look at work-in-progress from across the room, and Chet has refined the technique of getting directly in my line of vision, and with his eyes, proposing we go for a walk instead... and those eyes are hard to resist!

What to do, when your biggest fan hates your work!?


Victoria Pittman said...

Chet is Beautiful!
What great eyes.

Wanna see my cat Nelson? :)


Alice Young said...

Yes, let's see Nelson! Where can I find him online?


Leon said...

Give him a toy and play ith him later. :) ...and keep chewable art supplies out of the way.

Lorraine Douglas said...

We love Chet...seeing him on the blog reminds us of his beautiful nature, soft soft ears, and silken coat. And who can resist those eyes?