Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Art at Chambar

This week I am finalizing five large canvases to be shown at Chambar Belgian Restaurant in Vancouver. I’m working on larger canvases than I have in the past – a stretch that feels great. Love the room to play with space on the large canvases! Most of the work will be in rich, dark colours to complement Chambar’s decor, but I wanted to do one piece mainly in black and white. This work-in-progress is a diptych which I believe I will call Transcend or Transcendence. Each panel measures 30" x 48".

NOTE: My art will be up in Chambar from May – July 2007.


Dave Ogden said...

I love this piece, and all of your blackletter...


Beth Lee said...

Wonderful piece, Alice. I've always been partial to a monochromatic color scheme -- your values work so well.

Unknown said...

Makes me want to get out my canvas.

Best to you with the show. Hope you show us some more pieces.

Victoria Pittman said...

Oooh, that verticle flourish is amazing!

What tools did you use?

Lorraine Douglas said...

I love the transparent look you create on these pieces, your layering and lettering are superb!