Tuesday, January 23, 2007


This is a cedar brush painting, named for the band, Walela. Walela is Cherokee for “hummingbird” and I first heard this female vocal trio on Robbie Robertson’s album, Music for the Native Americans. Their self-titled album is an old favourite of mine.


Victoria Pittman said...

Ahh...just lovely

Cedar brush. How does one make one again?

The background is amazing

Alice Young said...

Hi Victoria -

It's hard to describe how I was taught to make a cedar brush - easier to demonstrate. Basically, you take a piece of cedar bark and gently pound the end until the fibres separate.

Choosing the right piece of cedar is important, too - not too damp, not too dry.

When you come to Vancouver Island in the summer, I can show you and you can show me how you make those flower petals with a parallel pen!



Victoria Pittman said...


Can't wait.....