Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sophie Verbeek

I’ve long admired the work of French calligrapher, Sophie Verbeek, but her 2006 Chopin Series takes my breath away. Light, musical, lovely. Will I ever get her lightness of touch? I hope so. And look at her interior work (see Various) – look at that mirror – love it!


Malika said...

Hi Alice,

Another french calligrapher here !...
I just discovered you and your work today. I do really like your style.
Here is my blog, you will know more about me there...


I've just finished creating it and I have already put your name on my favourite list !
And if you want to see a few more works of mine too :


Nice to meet you anyway,


Alice Young said...

Malika, I'm delighted that you introduced yourself! Lovely work, great photos - it's awesome to see the work being done in France.

I'll keep watching your blog for more.

Also, thanks for taking the time to set up a second blog in English for those of us who are not able to read/speak French!

Now I'm off to explore your links... thanks!