Friday, January 05, 2007

Global Calligraphy?

Maybe it was the years spent in Toronto, enjoying the multicultural vibrancy of that city; but I seem to be quite shameless in borrowing influences from calligraphers of any culture. Arabic, Asian, European - I find my work being influenced by all of them. I always hope calligraphers of these cultures are honoured (and not insulted) by this. When I do abstract work, I am always asked what language it is... quite often it is no language – just the ‘breath and the stroke’.


Victoria Pittman said...

Lovely Alice

I love the textures,tones and space and of course your beautiful lettering.

Thank you for the information about Lance Loomer. I'm fascinated. I really would love to see more of his work too and take that class.


Unknown said...

Great work.I see you use a parallel pen.I just got one and its wonderful to say the least.

Alice Young said...

Thanks for your comments! Victoria, I will try to scan a few pieces of Lorne's work and email them to you.

Yousuf, yes, I love the Pilot Parallel pen! I have all kinds of pens and nibs, but I reach for the Parallel pen most often. It is just so smooth and reliable! I would recommend them to any calligrapher.