Friday, December 15, 2006

Lorne's Card

I received this beautiful Christmas card from the inspiring Lorne Loomer, who teaches Cedar Brush painting at Metchosin Summer School of the Arts. I took Lorne's class, Brush Explorations last summer, and I highly recommend it. When registration opens (in January), the course fills up almost immediately, so you need to sign up soon if you want to get into his next class, which is in July 2007.


Victoria Pittman said...

This card is amazing. Do you have any sources of art by this artist?

Alice Young said...

Hi Victoria,

Lorne Loomer is an amazing man, having been an athlete, (Olympic Gold medallist) coach and teacher for many years. A stroke curtailed his active life and turned him toward painting. He studied with Jack Wise ( and has taught his popular "Brush Explorations" for over 20 years.

One of his mandelas is here: - but it is his work with the cedar brush that I find fascinating. Unfortunately, he has no website or other way I can show his work to you. I bought a few pieces from him which I could photograph and email to you; might not get that done before Christmas, tho.

When I took his class, I showed him "Letter Arts Review" which he had never seen - I believe he has subscribed.

If you're interested in travelling and taking workshops, put MISSA on your list - they take over a college campus for several weeks each summer and offer a wide range of courses. Most students are professional artists, and the teachers are experts in their fields. The campus, perched on the edge of the Pacific, is beautiful.

Hope that is helpful.

Unknown said...

Hi Alice

I came by your blog through Beth's.
I am so glad to see more calligraphers with blogs.
I'll be adding you to my side bar of calligraphers.